Marouki Oud Double Super Mini


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    Breaking the improved natural oud distinguished by its size suitable for personal use and its natural aroma. It is classified from the types of Marouk oud wood carefully selected from the forests of East Asia, which is famous for the Marouk oud, known for its pleasant and calm aroma and high stability. It is characterized by its light brown color and the size of small sticks suitable for daily use. Its saturation with fat gives you a high concentration. And it is stable for a long time on clothes and fabrics and in all parts of the house and in hospitality councils, palaces, wedding halls and mosques. It can be gifted to all your loved ones and friends on all special occasions and holidays.


    Paperback Book, 539 pages


    Pearson Education (Mar. 1st, 2012)




    8.40 x 10.70 x 0.90 inches




    Elementary Education


    apple, bosch, huawei, lg, samsung, sony, xiaomi


    black, blue, pink, red, white, yellow

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